Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why This Blog Doesn't Do Comments

I've been asked by both readers and fellow bloggers why I do not allow comments on the Yellow Dog Blog. I turned them off initially because, at a point when I doubt even my wife was reading this blog, the Freepers somehow found me and were drowning me in slime.

I kept the comments off after readership began building for one fundamental reason: I don't argue with conservatives. I used to get sucked into arguments with these people on other blogs and I finally realized that, in a day with limited hours, I was wasting valuable time fighting with idiots, whose minds I would not change.

My credo quickly became "I don't argue with conservative, I defeat conservatives."

Just like a regular newspaper columnist, I figure people can easily send me an e-mail with either praise or disgust and I prominently display my e-mail address for that purpose.

One of my favorite blogs is written by my buddy at MoxieGrrrl.com. She allows comments and I'd like you to go take a look at this thread to see the kind of discussions I simply won't allow myself to have.

Here's some excerpts from the Moron Patrol that's decided to jump on Mox, her readers and, most of all, Cindy Sheehan:

"Cindy should stop her bitching and get behind the other troops. No one told her son to join the armed forces. In fact, I would bet the bank that he had her approval when he signed up. No one likes war or the loss of life, but its [sic] a fact of life. We have war waging on our streets everyday [sic] in this country. Tell Cindy to jump on that band wagon."
Another genius opines:
"This lady needs to relax...we all grieve with her for her lost [sic] but how many others have lost relatives in the war. [sic] we dont [sic] see them making a scens [sic] on the news...
Yet another Nobel Prize nominee says:
"My heart goes out to this mother. The loss of a son is something that is painful to even contemplate. However, whether most want to admit it or not, this country is at war for our very survival.

"I believe she is a victum [sic] of the leftist [sic] in this country who would like nothing better than to see us loose [sic] this war."

Finally, there's this sentiment from the bottom of the gene pool:
"Ms. Sheehan I agree it's horrible to loose [sic] a child, but make your son proud, give it up, go home and visit the Revlon counter."
I do not argue with people like this – period. If I ever get invited to a television show or talk radio or get asked to go up against a conservative in print, I'll jump at the chance. But fighting with mental defectives in such an isolate venue? Ain't gonna happen.

There's so much more for us to do. There are letters to the editor to write. There's elected representatives to contact. Somewhere, there's a Democrat's campaign that needs your help. All of these things do more to advance our cause and to help our country than debating a right-wing nitwit on a web site.

I'm not positive I'm right about this as too many very smart people, with very good blogs – like Mox – have robust comments sections in place.

I just believe that when you have the kind of commitment and energy we have, it's best to avoid wasting it on people so unworthy.