Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Yellow Dog Mailbox Is Open

I sometimes take too much joy in making fun of the mostly-illiterate wingnuts who write to chide and rebuff me and I don't spend enough time publishing e-mails from my more enlightened readers.

I heard last night from Tom in Seattle. His e-mail is typical of a lot of notes I get from people, that show normal, moderate Americans who have been made angry and distressed by the last five years.

With a subject line of "Yo DOG keep biting those Republican sons a bitches," Tom writes:


I used to be a normal Liberal Dem, when we would lose elections I would say, "it’s ok…politics is like a bell curve, it comes back" ……….YEAH SURE……..

That was when the voting was NOT rigged

When Democrats and Republicans worked together in the House and the Senate

WE never froze Republicans out of committees or shoved legislation down their throats

We worked with them BECAUSE they were the minority

But they have totally forgotten the essence of Democracy

Compromise and civility

So now I HATE all of the Republicans, because they are enablers of LIES, WAR, and the splitting up of the American NATION

I really believe it…..NOT since the Vietnam War have we been so screwed up

The polarization which started with that fellow who died of a brain tumor (just can’t think of his name at this moment)

to Gingrich and his talking points of always calling Democrats traitors and other unspeakable things

Has divided us in a very dangerous way………

My words are flowing but

I see only crap ahead of us

I will never stop fighting these forces of evil