Friday, August 19, 2005

Why We Must Be As Tough As Cindy

Here's a sampling of comments from right-wingers posting at the Huffington Post comments section on the story about Cindy Sheehan leaving Camp Casey to be with her sick mother:
"We need reporters to verify this story. I want to know from the doctors what caused this stroke. Was it shame brought about from her daughter trashing her grandson's memory?"

"Now that she's finally going home.....can we please get back to the news cycle....."

"And Cindy -- who is really just tired of living in a tent -- runs home pretending to care about family."

"Cindy....did it ever occur to you that YOU may be the cause of your mothers stroke?????? Give it up; you are shaming your family."

"This woman is a looser. Last time I checked this was a volunteer army. I don't care about Bush, its apparent to everyone the guy has made a lot of mistakes (except for Limbaugh). GET OVER IT."

"I hope Cindy realizes that she probably caused her mother’s stroke. No of course not, being the self-centered poor pitiful me person she is, she will find a way to blame Bush."

To my fellow Democrats and liberals: No prisoners. No compromise. No more reaching across the damn aisle!