Monday, September 12, 2005

Administration Superstar Michael Brown Resigns

Just days after “Brownie” was publicly told he was doing a “heck of a job” by President Bush, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) chief Michael Brown resigned today.

"I'm turning in my resignation today," Brown said. "I think it's in the best interest of the agency and the best interest of the president to do that and get the media focused on the good things that are going on, instead of me."

“... instead of the many more people who died, due to my incompetence,” is what I believe Brown meant to say.

This naturally begs the question – as if we need more proof of, as John Kerry aptly said, what a “lying, crook bunch” this is – how Brown could go so quickly from such a ringing endorsement from the president to resigning. Not to mention the fact that we were told just days ago that Brown was being sent back to Washington to do important work preparing for future disasters.

Given how much it will help having him not be FEMA Director when the next big disaster hits, that could be construed as the only honest thing this administration has said all year.