Monday, September 12, 2005

FloridaBlues: Morals, Government And Republican Hypocrisy

One of the best things about joining the blogging community is that you get to meet some pretty damn smart people. One of my favorites is Elizabeth Yeager, a Florida university professor and one of the writers at FloridaBlues.

Unfortunately, when you get really busy trying to keep up with the frauds and felonies of the Bush administration, it can take a while to pass along some quality stuff from good people like Elizabeth.

She wrote a piece last week – a “rant” as she calls it – called “The Bush regime's "moral values" in the Katrina disaster: AWOL” in which she talks about the lip service paid by Team Bush on issues of morality, while doing nothing to behave in a moral way themselves.

An excerpt:

“They say 'of course it's important to believe in these things, but don't expect the GOVERNMENT to do all this. That's socialism. It's expensive and it raises taxes. It's up to people out there to band together and provide these services to those who need them. Give your money to the church and the Red Cross and your hand-me-downs to Goodwill. And, while you're at it, don't be gay.'

“The notion that pockets of good citizens here and there could plan for or respond to a disaster like Katrina or 9/11, or to rebuild infrastructure and schools, or to take care of people's health care needs, or a hundred other things it takes to sustain a middle class in this country, is completely insane. Or at least medieval.”

Check out the rest here and bookmark FloridaBlues while you're at it!