Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Are You Happy, NYC Bloomberg Democrats?

Here’s the Republican National Committee’s Chief of Disillusion, Ken Mehlman, on the reelection of Michael Bloomberg in New York City yesterday:
“Michael Bloomberg is the kind of leader Republicans are proud to support, and we are thrilled that he will be returning as Mayor of New York City. Mayor Bloomberg’s achievement is particularly impressive when one takes into account that there are 5 Democrats for every 1 Republican in the city. Tonight’s victory is testimony to the fact that voters are more concerned with the candidate and the platform that best represents their views. As mayor of America’s largest city, Bloomberg’s record speaks to fiscal responsibility and decisive action. As New York’s Republican Mayor, he will continue the amazing trend of GOP leadership in The Big Apple for the 13th consecutive year.”
This was about the only victory the GOP got yesterday and I hope you Democrats dumb enough to vote for Bloomberg are happy with your accomplishment.

If you can manage to look beyond the trees, that’s the forest you see in front of you.