Tuesday, November 15, 2005

CNN’s Most Popular Stories Reveal Much About Us

Things that encourage us about the American people: President Bush’s consistently plunging approval rating.

Things that cause us to think that we are fundamentally a nation of slack-jawed, slobbering idiots: Our periodic glance at CNN.com’s most-popular news stories, which ranks the most-read items on the CNN site. Here’s what Americans are reading as of 10:45 AM (EST) today:

1. 'Cool mom' gets 30 years for sex parties. A woman who authorities said had sex with high school boys during alcohol- and drug-fueled parties has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, officials said.

2. Princess Sayako marries commoner. Wearing a simple white dress and pearls, Japan's Princess Sayako bid farewell to palace life Tuesday to wed a Tokyo city employee in a low-key ceremony marking the first time that an emperor's daughter has married a commoner.

3. Katrina proposed as Time's Person of the Year. Time magazine's 2005 Person of the Year may not be a person after all. A panel of notables has made a strong case for awarding the distinction this year to Hurricane Katrina.

4. Brooke Burns hospitalized after mishap. Actress Brooke Burns was hospitalized after diving into her backyard pool and hitting her head, her agent said Monday.

5. Salmon-flavored soda, anyone? For beverage connoisseurs tired of turkey-and-gravy or green-beans-and-casserole-flavored sodas, there's a new choice being offered this year by specialty U.S. soda manufacturer Jones Soda Co.: salmon.

And, as we are inclined to do, the Yellow Dog Blog rounds out the top ten stories that Americans care about most today:

6. Unsuccessful female member of suicide-bomber team claims husband told her that explosive-laden midsection belt did not “make her look fat.”

"Do I look frumpy in this?"

7. Which Red State has highest percentage of sibling marriages?

8. Is Rhode Island bigger than California? 73 percent of Americans don’t know.

9. Kansans claim that God, and not being 1,500 miles from any ocean, will protect them from Tsunamis

10 .Least favorite Pepperidge Farm cookie: Broccoloons

OK, as always, I made up the last five – but the top five, sadly, are the things we Americans really care about this morning.