Friday, November 11, 2005

Operation Truth on Veterans Day

Paul Rieckhoff, a Veteran of the Iraq war and the head of Operation Truth, also talks today about how he's feeling on Veterans Day:
"But Veterans’ Day is more than just a day to give Veterans a parade and a thank you. Veterans Day is about honoring those who have fought in service to this nation. The best way to honor our sacrifice is to take care of our needs and answer the questions we have. To date, all we have gotten from most people in Washington is a bunch of lip service and requests to be window dressing for advantageous politicians.

"Why did we become Veterans in the first place? On behalf of the Veterans of Iraq, I ask that the question is finally answered: Were we misled into war? We deserve to know."
Please read the rest and do what really needs to be done to honor Veterans: Ask hard questions and demand the truth.