Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Correction to Chickenhawk Medal Story

I've been called on my lack of research – or, more accurately, my laziness.

Reader Doug Wray writes to tell me that, for my Chickenhawk medal, I incorrectly used Warner Brothers icon Foghorn Leghorn, who is a chicken (really a rooster), and not a real chickenhawk.

Doug forwarded the picture above. "The Chickenhawk is the lil fella on the right," says Doug. "Foghorn is a Dixiecrat Chicken -- Rhode Island Red, supposedly."

Growing up on a farm, I actually knew that Foghorn was a rooster and not a true chickenhawk but I thought the lovable lug would be the more recognizable figure – and thus, more humorous – and I also just couldn't find a good graphic of the little guy from the cartoons.

Then along came reader Roger Kingsford who not only did the legwork but also produced a more accurate Chickenhawk medal for me (at left).

"Unfortunately, your post showed the Foghorn Leghorn Award," said Roger. "If you followed the cartoons, you would know Foghorn was always smarter than Henery Hawk, the chickenhawk. I've included a corrected medal."

So there you have it. Authentic reproductions are being produced as we speak, for distribution to 99 percent of the Bush administration.

OK, now can we start our long weekend?