Thursday, November 03, 2005

Poll Shows 35 Percent of Americans Incredibly Dumb

A CBS News poll released today showed that 35 percent of Americans are so dumb they couldn't spell "cat" if you spotted them the "c" and the "t."

OK, that's not exactly what the survey was about. The poll, conducted October 30-November 1, 2005, shows George W. Bush's approval rating dropping faster than White House ethical standards and wallowing at 35 percent.

As you can tell from my lead to this post, I'm not going to mince words: Just how stupid and divorced from reality are the people who still look at everything going on in our country (and in this administration) and think Bush is doing a good job?


In other parts of the poll:

  • 62 percent of poll respondents believe someone in the White House leaked Valerie Plame's name – which, again, is amazing given that we now know as a matter of fact that this happened.
  • An encouraging 51 percent believe the CIA leak is of "great importance" to our country. 41 percent of Americans thought Bill Clinton's actions with Monica Lewinsky were of great importance, which also kind of makes you scratch your head. Let's see.... Lying about sex equals 41 percent and selling out the security of our country from the highest reaches of government, well, let's give that just 10 percentage points higher!
  • Only 32 percent of Americans think Bush is doing a good job with Iraq, while a lowly 34 percent approve of his handling of the economy.
And perhaps the biggest indicator of the tanking of Team Bush, is the impression people have of whether the country is going in the right or wrong direction. The CBS poll shows that only 27 percent of respondents think the country is going in the right direction, while an astute 68 percent understand exactly where we find ourselves right now – and they don't think it's good.

Can we have the mid-term elections next Tuesday, please?