Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Global Warming and Intelligent Design: Redux

Written by Jersey McJones from Bring It On!

Back in December, I posted a piece that showed the line of illogic that connected people who vote Republican, people who don’t believe in evolution, and people who do believe in Intelligent Design. 55 million morons. There was something I missed, though. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, the connection is now complete. Yesterday, while practicing my regular self-flagellation, listening to Limbaugh, the great Dittohead Leader pointed out that “complexity,” that ever-subjective non-scientific notion, precludes mere mortals from ascertaining an understanding of the environment, let alone being able to change said environment. He gets this spurious line from a highly dubious source – a source he shares with a certain “president.”

Michael Crichton, the author and filmmaker who brought us such works of American mastery as Congo, Twister and Jurassic Park, has won an award from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for his 2004 foray into the world of pseudoscience, the book “State of Fear.” In this great work, Crichton asserts that the environment is too “complex” to predict changes, causes of changes, and too “complex” to change in the first place, as far as little ol’ mortal men are concerned. Sound familiar?

“President” Bush likes to meet his favorite authors on occasion. Last year he met with Crichton to discuss “State of Fear,” apparently a good Bush read. Sur-prise, sur-prise. I mean, c’mon. If a 15 year old reads Crichton, I say, “Great! A 15 year old that’s reading!” If a 50 year old is reading Crichton, well, there’s always a place for you in the Bush White House. Upon recent publicity of the meeting, the White House is now distancing itself from this crazy pseudo-hypothesis.

I forgot who said it, but I remember one critic of Intelligent Design who compared the “complexity” argument to a stoned teenager staring at his hand, saying, “Wow, man! Look at all those bones and ligaments and skin cells and fingernails! How complex!”