Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Devil in The Details

Written by Jet from Bring It On!

I think it’s time to talk about just that, time. Time is invaluable, fleeting and irretrievable. This is precisely why Cheney took some, 30 hours to be exact.

Think about it. If you believe that Cheney shot Whittington, got in the car, went home, bagged some Z’s, called George and went on about his business, let’s talk real estate.

I would love to know how many phone calls, texts, memos, emails and face to face conversations went on in that 30 hours. The time was crucial to build the story.

That’s the problem

You see, it’s not just Cheney who needed to build a story. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. Armstrong, the owner of the hunting ranch, is a registered lobbyist — to the tune of $160,000 last year. Armstrong needed a story too. I’m sure the “W”hitehouse wanted the story of “nothing to do with it”, and all three stories needed to match.

Armstrong was paid $160,000 in 2004 by the powerful legal firm Baker Botts to lobby the White House, according to records she filed with the U.S. Senate as required by lobbying disclosure rules. The records indicate she was paid the money after she “communicated with the White House on behalf of Baker Botts clients.”

…She also said that during the inauguration proceedings, she got Karl Rove to speak at a Baker Botts function. “I got them Karl Rove,” she said. — MSNBC

I am not calling anyone a liar here. But I think not looking at that 30 hours as a massive coordination effort towards control is uninformed. We’ve seen an administration whose modus operandi is secrecy, orchestration and manipulated presentation in operation for 5 years now. In this presidency, it’s how business is done.

The example set at the top sets the tone; at least that’s what the Republicans espoused during the Clinton presidency. In this country, are we comfortable with giving perpetrators and defendants additional leeway to craft their alibis? I thought we had a system in place for people to have their day in court, and that’s their chance to prove their innocence. Certainly, that’s how John Q Public is treated.

There were no police looking at the circumstances at the Armstrong ranch. no impartial questions being asked. Just calls, and emails and memos, oh my! 30 hours later, Whittington’s story was broke in a tiny Texas paper by Armstrong after she talked to Cheney’s office.

Their stories were ready. Showtime.