Friday, February 03, 2006

Reader Mail: The Friday Fruitcakes

Well, it's Friday, which means it's time to look in the old mailbag and, for pure entertainment value only, see what conservative goofball tries to give me my comeuppance this week…

Mr. John Luger writes…

Mr. Geiger,

I ran across your blog today regarding Cindy Sheehan in Crawford Texas and
the Mike Gallagher anti Cindy Sheehan protest. While I do not agree with Mr.
Gallagher's protest and methods I do not approve of yours either. For
example, "Commander-in-Thief", do you always resort to juvenile and pathetic
name calling? I believe in free speech but I also believe in treating
others with respect, especially those in public office.

Second, Cindy Sheehan appears to be in severe need of a psychiatric
evaluation as her antics are more and more bordering on lunacy. I can not
see how she is someone to be looked up to in any way. Yes, she suffered a
terrible loss, but you know what? It happens to thousands upon thousands of
people everyday. She needs to deal with her grief in a healthy matter and
move on with her life instead of trying to create a political spectacle
every time the media moves on to a new topic. She holds President Bush
responsible for her son's death.....well, he was in the military
voluntarily, and there are risks associated with it, the blame lies on first
of all, which ever Iraqi killed him or set up the bomb that did so, and
secondarily with himself for joining the military. She should be proud,
not ranting and raving like a lunatic.

How about we all act alittle more mature...okay?

John Luger

To which I reply…

Dear John;

On your first point: Like many people, I call George W. Bush the “commander-in-thief” because he is only in the White House due to a right-wing faction of the Supreme Court appointing him to that position. He stole the 2000 election, which gave him the ability to start a war, which gave him the chance to run in 2004 as an incumbent “wartime president.” This also makes his questionable victory in 2004 the product of ill-gotten gains. In short, if you’re elected once illegitimately, you’re always illegitimate – period. Bush is an affront to our democracy and worthy of no respect whatsoever.

On Cindy Sheehan: If she needs any mental-health help at all, it’s only due to the emotional strain of having her son taken from her for no reason. And, while in your sick mind, it should be a mitigating factor that thousands of our finest military people have been lost for Bush’s lies, it clearly is not. One death in fighting a country that never attacked us and that posed no threat to the United States is just as bad as 2,000 + deaths.

And she should be proud to have lost her son to a war based on a lie? Let me do some name-calling again: You’re an idiot.

Finally, I’ll ask you the same thing I ask every self-righteous, hawkish type who writes to me: In what branch of the military did you serve and when? We Veterans know that, while we did indeed sign up on our own, a fair expectation is that our leadership is being honest with us and would not risk our lives for nothing – Team Bush has done nothing to live up to that article of faith.

Bush, his entire administration and anyone who voted for him, have the blood of 2,247 American troops on their hands. If you voted for Bush, I suppose that makes you proud.

You’re one hell of an patriot.
An anonymous reader writes:
Do you HONESTLY believe that President Bush is personally responsible for every soldier killed in Iraq?

To which I reply….

Dear Anonymous;

Tune in next week for another edition of the Friday Fruitcakes. And, for you hateful, self-loathing Republicans – keep those cards, letter and e-mails coming.