Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What The F&*^, For This He Is Willing To Use A Veto????

Written by The Cranky Liberal from Bring It On!

Oh Daddy must be
soooo proud of lil Wire Tap sticking his neck out to threaten his first Veto over the UAE taking over management of our ports. I mean how warm and fuzzy must the he be that his boy is willing to pass endless amounts of pork, but dag gum when it comes to law makers acting furiously over handing over our highly insecure ports over to a country where two of the 9/11 attackers came from - suddenly he's Bill Clinton waving a pen. Way to take a stand George.

Look, I don't know enough about the deal to say that Dubai Ports World can't do a great job running six of the countries biggest ports. I am not even suggesting that there would be any threat from them running the ports - what I am saying is it looks awful funny that he is willing to draw a line in the 'sand" for a company and country that has friendly ties to his Daddy and old James Baker. This guy doesn't even know how to spell UAE but he's sure they pose no threat.

And, maybe they don't. But when a President decides with unilateral authority to break the law in the name of "security," when he decides that curbing certain civil rights are OK in the name of "security," when he pressed the nation into WAR and leaves thousands of our friends and family Dead over "security," then by GOD he better be willing to listen to the will of the people that he represents. He better listen to the House and Senate who are supposed to oversee his administration and check to make sure he is balanced.

Remember, I am not urging any specific action at this point whether the deal is OK or not. I'm just angry that the "Security" President won't even listen to Americans when they say we're worried.

How do you feel now, Red Team? How's your fearless leader lookin to ya these days?

Can't say we didn't tell ya.