Friday, March 03, 2006

Katherine Harris to Headline “Reclaiming America for Christ”

Florida Representative Katherine Harris, currently a candidate for U.S. Senate and formerly the person who helped engineer George W. Bush’s theft of the 2000 presidential election, will headline the Reclaiming America for Christ conference to be held in Fort Lauderdale this month.

“Reclaiming America for Christ 2006 is your chance to get the tools and training, ideas and energy you need to change America for the better, “ crows the web site for the conference, to be held March 17-18. “Our nation hangs in the balance and it will take men and women – equipped with strategies that work – to reset the wildly spinning moral compass of our great land.”

Harris will give a talk on March 18 called “Bringing Faith to the Public Forum.”

The conference is sponsored by the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ – we’ll call them simply, CRAC -- which boasts the following initiatives on its web site:
  • A letter-writing campaign to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences castigating them for Brokeback Mountain’s Oscar nominations. According to CRAC, Brokeback Mountain is a movie that “…has little to do with honoring great moviemaking. Instead, it is just a high-profile attempt to mainstream the homosexual agenda. That this movie uses the classic symbol of the American male -- the cowboy -- to promote this agenda is offensive to the vast majority of Americans”
  • A “Petition to Defund and Expose ACLU” in which CRAC urges its supporters to “Take a stand against the ACLU’s radical agenda, which undermines our nation’s moral and religious heritage.” CRAC further pushes members of its Christo-Fascist zombie brigade to “Join with citizens across the nation in protest of ACLU policies and actions to strip faith in God from the public square while promoting anti-family and pro-homosexual initiatives.”
  • A “Stand for Marriage National Campaign.” This classic of the Religious Right movement is in support of the Constitutional amendment, sponsored by Republican Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado, to define marriage as a union between “one man and one woman.” Their stated goal is to “… rally at least 400,000 citizens to ‘Stand For Marriage.’ This petition simply states that marriage should be defined as ‘one man and one woman’ and encourages state and federal leaders to pursue both legislative and constitutional actions to define marriage in this way.”
And there’s more where that came from including urging their members to attack the teaching of evolution as science, protest against stem cell research and fight any federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Gee, I guess Harris couldn’t wait for the next “Justice Sunday” to speak to her bigoted fans so she'll settle for these CRAC people.