Monday, March 06, 2006

Koufax Voting Open

Voting in the prestigious Koufax Awards has started and I wanted to ask for your support on my nominations for Best Post.

I’m honored to have two writing nominations in this category:

A Conflicted Veteran On Memorial Day

I Know This Little Boy In New Orleans

I’m proud of each of these because being a Veteran and a father are so central to my way of thinking these days and these posts are among the kind in which we writers truly spill our guts and put ourselves on the line emotionally.

That said, I am in amazing company in this category and your vote will mean even more if you go out and look at the other nominees as well – check out Digby’s The Heart of the Democratic Party for an excellent example of what I’m talking about. You can vote using the comments section in each category.

I thank you if you vote for me, but please do it only once. This is what separates the Koufax Awards from others and makes them valuable and, if you vote for someone else, I will congratulate them as well and know the votes fell where they should have.