Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Bush White House Said What?

OK, I know these White House proclamations are probably written by some staffer and the only time George W. Bush even sees them is when he has someone witness his "X" while signing at the bottom, but sometimes these words are just too much coming from this president and this administration.

Bush issued a stirring proclamation on Wednesday for "Constitution Day" and some of these words would be quite inspirational if they weren't coming from a crew that's spent over seven years trashing our Constitution and tossing our national creed into the dumpster.

"Americans are united by the ideals of equal justice, limited government, and the rule of law," reads the proclamation, whose author obvious doesn’t know that Team Bush has spent two terms avoiding and ignoring the rule of law.

And then this: "The Founders established three separate branches of Government with a system of checks and balances among them. Ours is the oldest written constitution in the world, and the American experiment remains the world's best hope for freedom."

Oh, that's rich.

A White House that's done its best to conform to more of a dictatorial governing model and that's treated the legislative branch (intended to represent the will of the people) as if it's simply an annoyance to be ignored and lied to, talking about the three coequal branches of government.

I guess I can take comfort knowing that Bush probably didn’t even read it.