Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Good Senate Campaign Ads

My friends at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) tip me to three new ads worth noting. The first is a great one on Republican Norm Coleman, who is shown as the "running man" --running from his record with George W. Bush.

Take a look:

Roll Call reports that Coleman's Democratic opponent, Al Franken, raised more money than Coleman in the last couple of months, raising $1.4 million from July 1 to Aug. 20 versus $1.27 million for the Republican incumbent.

Here's another good DSCC ad on New Hampshire Republican incumbent John "Special Interest" Sununu:

And the DSCC is all over "Big Oil" Bob Schaffer who's fighting what will be a losing battle in Colorado with Democrat Mark Udall to replace the GOP's Wayne Allard, who has blessed that beautiful state with his retirement. Here's an ad on Schaffer:

Support Democratic Candidates in these races!

CO: Congressman Mark Udall
MN: Al Franken
NH: Former Governor Jeanne Shaheen