Monday, September 01, 2008

John Kerry: McCain a "Prisoner of the Right Wing, Not a Maverick"

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) appeared on ABC's This Week Sunday and showed once again why he is someone Democrats should get on TV as often as possible as an Obama campaign surrogate. In a little over six minutes, Kerry gutted the earlier performance of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) -- essentially calling Graham a liar -- told why the country has become less safe under Republican leadership and pointed out that John McCain's Vice Presidential choice, Sarah Palin, is "not ready to be president tomorrow" and on science is "back there with the flat-earth caucus."

More importantly, he blew away the ridiculous thought by Team McCain that by simply selecting someone of the same gender, they will instantly woo Hillary Clinton's supporters in November. Here's Kerry:
I have much more respect for the Clinton supporters than that sort of quick- blush take with — I mean, how stupid do they think the Clinton supporters are, for Heaven sakes?

Do they think Clinton supporters supported Hillary only because she was a woman? For Heaven sakes, they supported Hillary because of all the things she’s fought for, because she fights for health care, which John McCain doesn’t support; she fights for children and children’s health care, which John McCain voted against; she fights for a windfall profits tax on the oil company, which John McCain opposes.

I mean, for Heaven sakes, the people who supported Hillary Clinton are not going to be seduced just because John McCain has picked a woman. They’re going to look at what she supports.
We need far less of people like Harold Ford Jr. and other "Democratic strategists" on news shows and more John Kerry.

Here's the full appearance.