Friday, September 26, 2008

Poll: 86 Percent Think McCain Wrong On Debate

I'll say one thing for John McCain: When he starts something, he really keeps at it.

The Republican presidential nominee has been out of touch and out of step with the American people for a long, long time on Iraq, the economy, health care and pretty much anything else you can shake a stick at. And McCain's keeping that tone-deaf tradition going with his recent political stunt in which he's proposed putting off the first presidential debate with Barack Obama Friday so he can go back to Washington and "work on" the financial crisis -- and most Americans disagree with him on that too!

A SurveyUSA poll released Thursday shows that the vast majority of respondents think the presidential debate should go on as scheduled. The poll asked: "Should the debate be held as scheduled? Should the debate be held, but the format changed to focus on the economy? Or, should the debate be postponed?"

Key responses:
  • Held As Scheduled: 50 percent
  • Held With Focus On Economy: 36 percent
Another question asked the following: "Is the right response to the turmoil on Wall Street to suspend the campaigns for president? To continue the campaigns as though there is no crisis? Or, to re-focus the campaigns with a unique emphasis on the turmoil on Wall Street?:

Key responses:
  • Continue Campaign: 31 percent
  • Re-focus The Campaign: 48 percent
So 86 percent disagree with McCain's pleading to postpone the first debate and 79 percent think he should continue making his weak presidential case to the American people.

At least his out-of-touch batting average is solid.