Friday, November 07, 2008

BuzzFlash's GOP Hypocrite Of The Week

Hey, it's Friday, which means it's time to check out BuzzFlash's "GOP Hypocrite Of The Week." As always, it's a grueling process to narrow the selection to just one Republican hypocrite, and this week BuzzFlash went with GOP pundit Bill Kristol for being so incredibly wrong so much of the time and then trying to disown the nonsense he has spewed:

An excerpt:
How many times do you have to be profoundly wrong to lose your line in rotation as a D.C. insider spokesperson?

The damage done by Kristol has been real and deadly. He was a key cheerleader for the Iraq War, for Guantanamo, for the reign of fear in the United States, for going to war with Iran. And it goes on and on.

All you can say is that being around Kristol is like sitting next to a dirty bomb; he's radioactive with failure.

In fact, Kristol is credited with "discovering" Sarah Palin while on a cruise of right-wing honchos who docked in Juneau and met with the Alaskan governor. Of course, as Palin turned out to be a nitwit, Kristol then called for the McCain campaign staff to be fired.
You can read the rest at and see a historical list of BuzzFlash's other worthy selections.