Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Is Obama Rightful Winner?

OK, gang, it's no surprise to anyone outside of Fox News' troglodytic core viewership that Sean Hannity is to intellectual honesty what George W. Bush is to presidential integrity, but I sometimes still torment myself by going to Hannity's web site to see what crap he's pushing to his followers on a given day.

His little online polls are often good for a laugh -- or a good shot of disgust to keep you going during campaign season -- so for some reason I wandered over to this evening to see what he was asking his single-digit-IQ fans about in the wake of President-elect Barack Obama's historic ascension to the White House.

Are you ready? Here's what Hannity asked in today's online poll: "With ACORN fraud, military ballots missing, and people voting more than once, do you believe that Obama would have won this election without all those situations?"

Nope, I'm not kidding. Have a look:

There's not much point in breaking down the sheer idiocy in any right-winger even having the nerve to question voting integrity, given their support of GOP-sponsored stolen elections or the fact that there was no link between the Obama campaign and ACORN… Or the fact that any ACORN issues had to do with voters registered, and not those actually being allowed to vote. Or that Obama blew McCain away in total electoral votes by a huge margin and won the popular vote by well over 7 million votes.

But then, over 80 percent of respondents to Hannity's ridiculous polls also believed two weeks ago that all the pollsters were wrong about Obama's big lead over McCain:

On a day when America is celebrating a new beginning and a historic election that has us feeling hopeful and the rest of the world looking at us in an entirely new light, Hannity chooses to imagine foul play, smear the rightful winner and act like the big crybaby we've always known the Republicans to be.

So there you have it… Among life's certainties, there's death, taxes… and Sean Hannity being an enormous tool.