Monday, October 13, 2008

Many Obama Newspaper Endorsements Trash Palin Selection

The common denominator in most of the newspaper endorsements flooding in for Barack Obama is that the papers' editorial boards are uniformly heaping enthusiastic praise on the Democratic nominee and truly urging their readers to feel good about a vote for the Democratic ticket. The other thing many of them have in common is the extent to which they blast John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate -- in very blunt, stark terms.

Here's some examples:

Dayton Daily News

"His selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate was stunning. She is shockingly lacking in presidential qualifications. Some of Sen. McCain's most enthusiastic supporters have been forced to admit this. Her defenders say her resume compares well with Sen. Obama's, but it does not."

Springfield (OH) News Sun

"Moreover, his pick of Sarah Palin doesn't back up his catchphrase of 'country first.' She was a political choice and is in no way ready to lead the country if the 72-year-old McCain become incapacitated, a one-in-seven likelihood over two presidential terms according to actuarial tables.

"McCain has the risk-taking character of the attack jet pilot he was, someone who shoots from the hip. That's a good trait in a dogfight, not in the leader of America."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"In this and much else, Mr. McCain is not the steady hand he purports to be, and nothing proves it more than his reckless selection of Sarah Palin, whose lack of knowledge to take over as president has becoming increasingly obvious and embarrassing. If Mr. McCain had chosen one of the many accomplished women in the Republican Party, his candidacy would have the stamp of seriousness. Instead, it bears the superficial imprint of pandering populism."

Easton (PA) Express Times

"McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for a running mate seems as shockingly amateurish and ill-advised today as it was in August. Nothing that has happened on the campaign trail has changed this."

Saint Louis Post Dispatch

"Meanwhile, Mr. McCain, the senior senator from Arizona, became the incredible shrinking man. He shrank from his principled stands in favor of a humane immigration policy. He shrank from his universal condemnation of torture and his condemnation of the politics of smear.

"He even shrank from his own campaign slogan, 'Country First,' by selecting the least qualified running mate since the Swedenborgian shipbuilder Arthur Sewall ran as William Jennings Bryan’s No. 2 in 1896."
. . .

"Consider that while Mr. McCain selected as his running mate Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, a callow and shrill partisan, Mr. Obama selected Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware. Mr. Biden’s 35-year Senate career has given him encyclopedic expertise on legislative and judicial issues, as well as foreign affairs."

Muskegon (MI) Chronicle

"Even worse, McCain's choice for vice president, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, is as unqualified to hold that high office as any vice presidential candidate nominated in our memory, and we believe McCain made this rash decision purely for short-term political gain, putting his interests before his country's.

"To top it off, the Republican candidate has run a disappointing and largely empty campaign based mostly on avoiding the real issues and smearing his opponent's good name."