Monday, February 28, 2005

Dean Already Smacking Them Around

While there are parts that are a bit dry, this is a great chance to see Howard Dean stepping into his role as Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman. It's a foreign policy debate between Governor Dean and Richard Perle, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and one of the primary architects of the Iraq war.

Perle makes some utterly ludicrous arguments, drawing jeers from the audience when he makes an analogy between our invading Iraq and buying fire insurance. Meanwhile, Dean is thoughtful, forceful and well-informed, demonstrating why he is just what we need in giving our party some much-needed gumption.

It is on C-Span American Perspectives and can be seen at this link. It's about 90 minutes of the three-hour program – you can kill the video after the debate – and is well worth the time if you would like an encouraging look at Howard Dean in his new role.