Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Republicans Have Me Misty-Eyed Over Schiavo Case

I have vowed to stay away from the fervor over the Terri Schiavo case except to say that my heart is warmed by Republicans abandoning their usual anti-life positions to save what is left of this young woman's life.

Let's give conservatives credit where credit is due. They're for the death penalty -- heck, Bush put so many folks in Texas to death that they had to replace the electric chair with electric bleachers -- but they've decided this life is precious enough to convene a special session of congress.

Their anti-life activities include tax cuts for the rich that nuke any chance of life-saving national health care in the near future but they're able to look beyond that ideology for the sake of this one woman.

They cut the combat pay of the troops in Iraq -- guess soldiers risking their lives is no longer worth that much -- but, damn it, this Schiavo thing has gone too far.

A warm feeling swept over me as I mulled this over on the way to work this morning... Was the Republicans' compassion overwhelming me? Or was it just yet more anger at their total, unwavering hypocrisy?