Sunday, March 27, 2005

Two Important Items This Weekend

A couple of things worth noting this weekend:

A great op-ed piece by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times about the misplaced priorities of the Bush administration. Take a look. Friedman talks about Bush totally ignoring the looming energy crisis faced by our nation while he uses his ill-gotten political capital to attempt the destruction of Social Security.

But I guess it makes sense to those of us to the left of the neo-cons. Why waste presidential influence in a way that would alienate your good buddies in the Saudi Royal Family, when you can help your Wall Street financial backers by throwing all that privatization business their way?

The other worthy read, in the Washington Post, is about a German man who has been held as a terrorist at Guantanamo Bay since at least January 2002. In an investigation of recently-declassified documents, the Post discovers that the U.S. military tribunal that has kept the man imprisoned basically had no cause to do that -- and he's still there.

Yet more scary stuff from BushWorld.