Friday, March 25, 2005

Local: Irvington Has A Democratic Mayor

It looks like we have a new, Democratic mayor in Irvington, NY.

If you read my previous posts, you know that this small-town election has been the focus of yet another Republican attempt to win a close election by keeping votes from being counted.

Fortunately, New York Supreme Court Justice Joan Lefkowitz today ruled that Republican Dennis Flood failed to show enough irregularity to warrant a new election and ordered the election results to be certified after the last ballot is counted.

The single, contested ballot, cast by Susan Brenner-Morton, was counted this afternoon and cast for Democrat Erin Malloy. This broke the tie (each candidate had 847 votes) and Malloy has tentatively been declared the winner.

I say "tentatively" because Flood's failure to disenfranchise Brenner-Morton will undoubtedly lead to whatever further courtroom shenanigans are available to the Republican.

But we Democrats have been hard-pressed to win one of these battles with Republicans and Erin Malloy has just shown us that the days of rolling over for this kind of nonsense are over.