Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What's The NRA Talking About Today?

With another school shooting upon us -- 10 dead and 14 wounded in Redby, MN -- the National Rifle Association (NRA) is once again strangely silent.

The people who fight for the rights of all God-fearing Americans to own bazookas don't seem to surface much when their lobbying efforts yield such bitter fruit.

Have a look at their web site today. Despite the horrific incident in Minnesota, one of their main headlines is "Help Stop Reckless Lawsuits Against the Firearms Industry." I swear to God. Go look.

Wait, they do indeed mention Minnesota in their 'Actions Alert' section. See, "Anti-Hunters Attack Minnesota Dove Hunting" for more details.

Even if the families involved are Republican, I'm sure the NRA's strident pro-gun rhetoric is small comfort to the parents of children lost on a day when their kids' biggest worries should have been what to have for lunch and whether or not they had secured a prom date.