Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Republican Lawyer Or Where's Waldo?

OK, I'm sure this is just an amazing coincidence, but when I started pulling on the thread of who Dennis Flood's lawyer is (in the attempt to take away Erin Malloy's mayoral victory in Irvington), it lead me to some interesting places.

One of those was the Republican National Lawyers Association, where I found John Ciampoli listed under New York lawyers and under the Election Law specialty.

Now, after a couple of weeks of the media and bloggers (like yours truly) pointing out the fact that even a small-town mayoral election brings the Republican's biggest election-law gun to Irvington, he has suddenly become very hard to find on their web site.

For example, here's what you get now when you narrow the rnla.org search to New York lawyers:

Not there any more.

Here's when you narrow the criteria still further to include only the Election Law specialty.

Not there either.

But if you know that Mr. Ciampoli's member ID is 576, he is there:

Click here to see for yourself.

As they say in New York City: "I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'." It could be that there's a glitch in the RNLA web site for John Ciampoli. Or it could be that the connections between the Albany big boys of the Republican party and even the smallest of towns is becoming way too easy to discern.

You be the judge.