Wednesday, April 20, 2005

State Department Squelches Bad Terrorism Numbers

And now for something completely different... The Bush administration has decided that the Patterns of Global Terrorism report produced by the State Department sheds a bit of unflattering light on the White House's policy cornerstone, the "war on terror".

So they want to stop producing the document.

According to recent terrorism reports, there were 175 acts of international terrorism in 2003 and 625 in 2004, the highest number in the two decades that the report has been produced. Incidentally, the high number from 2004 did not include attacks against American troops in Iraq.

"This is the definitive report on the incidence of terrorism around the world," said Democratic congressman Henry Waxman. "It should be unthinkable that there would be an effort to withhold it — or any of the key data — from the public. The Bush administration should stop playing politics with this critical report."

Read the whole story for yourself here.

So tell me: Do you feel safer?