Friday, April 15, 2005

No More Reaching Across The Damn Aisle: Reason Number 93

We thought we had it made in 2004. We had an indisputable war hero for a candidate -- don't forget, none of the Swift Boat Liars actually served with John Kerry in Vietnam -- and wrongly assumed that he would be able to rise above the predictable Republican attacks on his patriotism.

We all know now how wrong we were. I vow to never again underestimate how low Republicans will go.

But they don't stop at smearing our candidate only during the election cycle -- they keep going after him even after their unscrupulous attacks worked and the election is over.

Remember how I told you about the purple-heart Band-aids Republicans were wearing at their convention to ridicule John Kerry? (At least they didn't come up with a way to also mock his silver and bronze stars for heroism in battle.)

Well, they're still doing it. Check out the scumbags at
John Kerry's Purple Heart Boo-Boos. They sell everything from housewares to clothing to hats with their logo, ridiculing Senator Kerry and all decorated Veterans. They even have an ornament that, to quote their online catalog, you can use to add "..a unique, special touch to gift-wrapped packages."

Take a look at this site next time you think we should compromise more with the Right Wing. And I continue to ask of my fellow Veterans who still support Republicans: Where is your patriotism now?