Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mr. Bush, Isn't Rudolph A Terrorist?

I thought President Bush and his ilk were in favor of zero-tolerance for terrorists of any stripe. But I guess that's only true unless they're part of the right wing's beloved “culture of life” and are anti-abortion.

By any measure, isn't Eric Rudolph, who pleaded guilty yesterday to a long list of bombings, a full-blown (no pun intended) terrorist?

He is guilty of the bombing at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and a series of bombings at abortion clinics. He has killed two people and injured 120 with his explosive devices, is a white supremacist and anti-semitic.

Take a look here at the statement Rudolph made yesterday about his crimes.

Where are the same culture-of-life people – who pray for Terri Schiavo, but love the death penalty – when the government lets this guy off with life in prison? Why isn't Tom DeLay forcing a special session of Congress to look into this horrible injustice? Let's hear some outrage from right-wing bloggers, Fox News and all the Rupert Murdoch newspapers.

Don't hold your breath. At Hypocrites r' Us, the Republican Superstore, Rudolph may be a terrorist, but he's one of them and at least he's their terrorist.