Friday, April 29, 2005

Won't Kill People For Nothing? It's Prison For You!

An American soldier who is so scarred from his first tour of duty in Iraq and refuses to go back for a second, may receive a lengthy prison sentence.

Sgt. Kevin Benderman, 40, who spent eight months in Iraq in 2003, said the killing and seeing mass graves filled with men, women and children have turned him into a conscientious objector and rendered him unable to support U.S. efforts in Iraq.

If convicted of desertion and missing movement, Benderman could receive up to seven years in prison.

As a Veteran, it sickens me that a man who has already served his country in this unjust war could be imprisoned for refusing to go back and do it again. It adds insult to injury that his commander in chief and associated minions are a bunch of chickenhawks who have never served in uniform and know nothing of the horrors of war.

Here's an idea for you compassionate conservatives: How about some Post Traumatic Stress counseling for Sgt. Benderman?