Thursday, May 26, 2005

What Did The Media Tell You Yesterday?

The Yellow Dog Blog provides these Vegas-style odds that you heard, saw or read something about these stories by the time you went to bed last night:

Runaway Bride Indicted for Phony Story: 6-5

Defense Rests in Michael Jackson Case: 9-5

'Idol' Finale Pits Country Carrie Against Bad Boy Bo: 2-1

Man Hooks World Record 124-Pound Catfish: 5-1

G.O.P. Senator Issues Letter Urging Vote Against Bolton: 10-1

Shays Blasts Bush on Threats to Veto Stem Cell Research Bill: 25-1

14 American Soldiers Killed in Iraq Since Sunday: 50-1

Am I right? Eerie, isn't it?