Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Please Join Cindy Sheehan In Crawford

I live outside of New York City and can't drop all of the other mundane aspects of my life to go where I really want to be right now – Crawford, Texas.

I would love to be there with the courageous Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq last year, as she camps out waiting for President Bush to explain why her son perished for a lie. I would especially love to be part of the growing movement to make them incarcerate thousands of us, if the reported plan to arrest Cindy and her companions on Thursday comes true.

I can't go, but I can donate. Reader Anne Owen writes to remind me that we can go to Crawford Peace House and make a donation to help cover Cindy's expenses while she waits, perhaps for a very long time, for the Chickenhawk-in-Chief.

Since I'm in begging mode, I have another: If you have the means to fly to Crawford or if you live anywhere close enough to drive there – and can take time away from the rest of your life – please join Cindy right there at the ranch. More information, including directions, can be found at Meetwithcindy.org.

It'll be hot – bring lots of water – and it won't be easy. But, my oh my, will you feel good.