Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Schmidt Wins In Ohio, Dems Serve Notice

11:15 PM EDT

After waiting almost two hours for Clermont County results to be tallied, the final results are in for Ohio's second Congressional district seat and Republican Jean Schmidt has won 52 percent to 48 percent over Democrat Paul Hackett.

I will have more demographic analysis over the next couple of days that I hope will help us read some tea leaves into 2006, but know this: Paul Hackett, running a short campaign, in an overwhelmingly conservative district and against an entrenched Republican opponent, ran this thing closer than anyone thought he would tonight.

The seven Southern Ohio counties that comprise the state's second district voted an aggregate 61 percent for George W. Bush in 2004.

Yes, we lost tonight. But if we can make it this close here, there are many other Republican seats we can take next year.

Let's make that happen – and thanks for the boost, Mr. Hackett.