Monday, October 10, 2005

God To Bush: Forget That Thou-Shalt-Not-Kill Stuff

A documentary to be aired tonight on the BBC will report that President George W. Bush told Palestinian leaders that God told him to invade Iraq and to create a Palestinian state.

The television program, "Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs," is a three-part series exploring the relationship between Arabs and Jews and includes an interview with Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath, who describes his first meeting with Bush in 2003.

Said Shaath: "President Bush said to all of us: 'I'm driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, "George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan." And I did, and then God would tell me, "George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq …" And I did. And now, again, I feel God's words coming to me, "Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East." And by God I'm gonna do it.'"

Also appearing in the documentary is Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen, who says President Bush told him that divine guidance told him to create a Palestinian homeland. "I have a moral and religious obligation. So I will get you a Palestinian state," Mazen claims Bush told him.

The White House denies that Bush made any such statements, calling the allegations "absurd."

"He's never made such comments," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

Yeah, right, Scott.
President Bush invoking God as justification for his actions and policies? Naaaahhhhhh. Couldn't happen.

The Yellow Dog Blog is still investigating reports that Bush cited God's preference for a U.S. invasion of Iraq, based on White House fears that the rest of the world doesn't quite hate America enough already.