Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush Approval: Poll Shows America With Less Idiots Than Three Weeks Ago

A CBS News Poll conducted this week shows an encouraging drop in the number of Americans who are too dumb to dress themselves in the morning. The poll shows that 37 percent of Americans still approve of the job George W. Bush is doing as president, an improvement from a Gallup poll taken three weeks ago, showing 40 percent of Americans still believing Bush was doing a peachy job.

As we sit on the eve of Karl Rove's indictment for outing a covert CIA agent in an act of political retaliation, Bush's overall poll numbers are dropping faster than Republican Senators can kick the poor and elderly. The American public appears to be fully awakening from their five-year, fake-patriotism-induced coma.

The CBS poll shows that Americans are very discouraged about the war in Iraq, the economy, the overall direction of the country and, of course, the president's job performance.

Sixty-nine percent of Americans say things in the United States are going in the wrong direction, while just 26 percent say things are going fine. Who are those 26 percent? I want to move to their country.

How's Bush doing on Iraq? Only 32 percent think he's handling it correctly. The economy? A small 32 percent there too. And no matter how much the Bush administration tries to make us live in fear, only 46 percent think he is doing the right thing in fighting terrorism.

Next big alarm-clock bell for Americans: More indictments!