Monday, October 10, 2005

What Does Your Religious Fanatic Look Like?

While we're talking about people like our president, who invoke God to justify their policies and actions, our friend, Thomas McCullock, at, forwards a great piece by Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue.

In his post, titled The Ghost of Joe McCarthy, Doug makes apt comparisons between the “Red Scare” days of Joe McCarthy and the current terrorist-scare days. He also talks about Bush's unfortunate tendency to tell the world that God made him do it:

"A fundamentalist Christian President who claims God told him to invade Iraq – an act that killed more than 150,000 civilians, mostly women and children – is not that much different from a fundamentalist Islamic fanatic who claims it is the will of Allah that he send young men to America to crash airliners into office buildings and kill 3,000 plus.

"Both are extremists. Both are fanatics. Both use religion as an excuse to kill people. The only real difference is that one has heavy artillery and can kill a lot more innocent people with his extremism.
Read the rest of this excellent piece here.