Thursday, December 29, 2005

More Norah O'Donnell Stupidity

I must be getting immune to the sheer stupidity that comes out of the face of Norah O'Donnell whenever she fills in for Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball. I watched her usual, dismal performance last night and, while stunned over how obviously partisan she is, shrugged it off as just more of the same from her.

But AMERICAblog posts today about this interaction while interviewing a former CIA agent who has been critical of the Bush administration's lack of attention to Osama bin Laden:
O'DONNELL: So, Gary, you say that you knew where Osama bin Laden was and the president says he was in a cave with a door on it.

BERNTSEN: Well, let me say this. We tracked bin Laden with our reporting from Kabul, down to Nangarhar Province, into Jalalbad, down into the mountains. We had a steady stream. But, you know, every once in a while you get a report that says he's off, you know, in left field.

Here at this place or that place, but when you get a line of reporting, a stream of it, and we're marking it on a map, we can see consistently, you know, which way he's moving and from multiple sources. And then, of course, we were listening to his voice on an unencrypted radio.

O'DONNELL: Can I ask you, Gary, are you a Democrat?

BERNTSEN: No, I'm a Republican. And I'm a loyal supporter of the president and I think the president is doing a good job in the fight on terrorism.
Can any of you picture Walter Cronkite asking that question? I didn't think so.

Two other comments about the vacuous O'Donnell: First, watch for a few minutes tonight (if she's on) and tell me she doesn't look and act like someone who's just inhaled a bottle of amphetamines or done a whole gram of cocaine alone. She's almost jumping out of her skin.

The other thing is – and how funny is this? – reading O'Donnell's bio will tell you that her undergraduate degree is in... Philosophy.

As Matthews himself might say, "Ha!"