Friday, December 30, 2005

A New Name For This Site in 2006

I am both excited and a tiny bit saddened to announce that my humble web site will undergo a significant "rebranding" (as marketing folks say) on January 1 and I want to give readers some notice so the banner change and disappearance of "the dog" isn't too jarring.

Many, many factors have gone into this decision but, after getting the opinions of my fellow bloggers and other political and media professionals, I have decided to drop the "Yellow Dog Blog" identity and enter the new year as

Many of you are going to yell "But I love the dog!" So do I. And, while not curing cancer or solving the riddle of Middle East peace, this has been a difficult decision for me.

But I have very specific professional goals -- including writing a book in 2006 -- and, while I understand that I have built a recognizable brand identity in the Yellow Dog, I strongly believe I can help myself and the Democratic/Progressive cause by making this change.

What does this mean to you, the reader? Not a darned thing.

I will be back stronger and more obnoxious than ever in 2006 and all of your favorites – from the Osama Clock, to the Friday Fruitcakes, to the Saturday cartoons – will remain the same. While the name is changing, the content, attitude and intent will be what you've come to expect. My two primary URLs -- and -- will, of course, stay the same as well.

Thank you for your support in this endeavor.

Here's wishing all of you and your families a happy, healthy 2006.