Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hats Off to Senators Kerry and Kennedy

As disappointing as it is to lose the fight on the Alito Supreme Court nomination, it’s also getting old listening to people on our own side running down the efforts of someone like John Kerry, who tried to do the right thing by leading on the filibuster. I’ve read too much commentary lately saying that Kerry acted as an opportunist, proposing the eleventh-hour filibuster only because he knew it would not be sustained – with the theory being that he would get “credit” for being willing to block Alito but, because it would never come to fruition, would not have to pay a long term political price for the action.

While, I believe the filibuster fight should have been initiated weeks ago, what criticism would have gone to Kerry and Senator Ted Kennedy if they had done nothing? They would have been ripped for that too.

While the battle was joined too late, they at least put up a fight and got the objections many of us have to Alito more strongly on the record.

I’m not sure where we go from here with the 19 spineless weasels in the Democratic party who helped assure Alito’s confirmation by voting against the filibuster, but I am sure we should at least extend some degree of credit where it is due.

So I say thank you to Senators Kerry and Kennedy for fighting back on our behalf.