Friday, February 24, 2006

Why such a deafening silence in right wing blogosphere regarding the South Dakota Senate's new abortion ban law?

Written by Gun-Toting Liberal from Bring It On!

Actually, it is not all that surprising, at least not to moi. After learning yesterday that South Dakota Senators have voted to ban (source: Washington Post) all abortions unless the mother’s life is directly threatened by going through with the childbirth, I couldn’t wait to see what the bloggosphere of the right would have to say about it.

Obviously, the lefty bloggosphere is having a field day with this obvious assault on the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision, fearing the end of the world over this new legislation coming out of South Dakota. And just as obviously, the wacko far-right bloggosphere is pretty much all excited that Jesus Himself is decisively, firmly placing His righteous hand to the wheel of American politics and taking America back from the “pits of hell”. But what about the average conservative blogger? Why is he and she remaining largely silent on this issue thus far? I’ll get to that in just a second.

I surfed through a handful of the top ranked right wing blogs in the TTLB Ecosystem today, and before finally getting bored with looking any further, only the Captain’s Quarters had weighed in on the topic at all. Even so, he only speculated upon the legislation’s chances of defeating Roe v. Wade, but failed to voice his opinion on whether or not he agreed that all abortions should be illegal as the legislation has dictated.

Here is why I think the popular right wing bloggers are remaining largely silent on whether or not this was the right thing for the South Dakota lawmakers to do: if a large number of voices from the right were to begin weighing in with “yeah, let’s ban all abortions” type opinions, you can just kiss the Republican Party and the conservative movement goodbye. It would amount to political suicide for them because I firmly believe that countless conservative women would suddenly move away from the Republican agenda to stand solidly with the left to defend a woman’s right to choose.

Take a look at this legislation and you’ll note that there are no other exceptions for legal abortion - none. If you are a woman and you get raped, tough, you are still going to give birth to the child, even if it is a case where incest is also involved. Giving birth to the child is going to cause a health problem for the mother? Tough; you’re still going to give birth to the child, period, end of story.

Make yourselves look like a bunch of “Roy Moores” to moderate America, and you’re going to pay dearly in the elections, isn’t this correct, my right wing bloggosphere friends? I would tell my fellow liberal bloggers to relax; this legislation doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of toppling Roe v. Wade. It is nothing but a feeble attempt by the far right to do so, but again, it will never fly.

I am assuring you right now that the Republicans do not really want Roe v. Wade overturned deep down. If the GOP were ultimately, responsible for toppling Roe v. Wade, I promise you it would spell doom for GOP domination when they are already doing a fine job of committing political suicide anyway with their failure to seal our borders and their assaults upon most of our other civil liberties at this time. At the very most, the GOP’ers will give this issue roughly, the same amount of lip service and the same amount of actual action that they give to the “borders” issue (i.e., virtually zero), so relax, lefties…

It’s going to be a-okay - this is a guaranteed “W“, and I’m not referring to our President either.