Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Idiotic Hannity Polling Ignores Iraq War

It's getting tougher out there for we steak-loving liberals… First I had to stay away from Outback Steakhouse because it's a massive Republican donor and now I need to boycott Ruth's Chris because they actually sponsor the insipid polls run on Sean's Hannity's web site.

I guess I can grill my own -- but I digress.

It's always interesting to see what nonsense Sean Hannity decides to ask his troglodytic fans about in his web site's periodic polls and, when I saw this one today, I was shocked because it actually had a look of… legitimacy! It's two weeks until election day so it's a perfectly normal time to ask the question "what issue is most important to you this election season?"

But take a look at his options. See anything missing?

You wouldn’t know that the Iraq war is far and away the issue on voters' minds in "this election season," would you? You wouldn’t know this from Hannity's goofy little poll, despite the fact that the Republicans decided long ago that staying the course in their war of choice would be their ongoing mantra for the midterm elections -- no matter what Bush now says.

Nope. Hannity's not even going to give people the choice of the number-one issue in the country today. Instead, he's going to pretend he's addressing it under the heading of the contrived "war on terror" when we all know that what he really means by that phrase is "how afraid have we succeeded in making you?"

And how are the results going so far? Have a look:

Looks like 83 percent of Hannity's sheep-like followers think the biggest issue in 2006 is how afraid they are of Osama bin Laden -- you know, the guy their tough-guy president still has not captured.

Meanwhile, there's no acknowledgement whatsoever of the 89 men and women we have lost
in Iraq so far this month and that maybe -- just maybe -- that may be the biggest issue on our minds. They believe that Mark Foley molesting Congressional pages is more relevant to our national dialog than the financial hole this war is digging for our country and the American lives that continue to be lost in a war Republicans started for nothing.

How's that for supporting the troops?