Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sestak Campaign With Great Ad on Weldon Swiftboat Attempts

Joe Sestak is a highly-decorated, former 3-Star Admiral, running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional district. Republican Curt Weldon's pathetic campaign against Democrat Sestak has gone into the usual bag of GOP Swiftboating tricks and here's a television ad that typifies Sestak's response.

Oh, and before you ask, of course Weldon never served in the military himself, choosing a Dick Cheney-like number of deferments to keep himself safe from the Vietnam war.

Watch this ad a few times, Democratic Veterans… In addition to the harshness with which Jim Webb's Senate campaign handled the swiftboating that came their way from George Felix Allen -- who, of course, is also a Chickenhawk -- this is how Democrats need to deal with this crap.

Kudos to Sestak and his campaign.