Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bush and Putin Fly-on-the-Wall Redux

A reader writes:

Dear Liberal Scum;

It is obvious that you and all liberals are only out to bring down George W. Bush no matter what. Your silly little Bush and Putin article was not labeled with the fact that it is satire so people might think Bush actually said those things. You should be ashamed. What if people throughout the world read your little blog and think our president really had this conversation?

Go to hell.

[and it's signed the way she usually signs these things]

Love, Mom

Kidding, but only about the "Love, Mom" part.

To this e-mail I reply as follows:

Dear Well-Wisher;

Thank you for your thoughtful critique of my Bush-and-Putin parody. You are correct that I did not specifically label this piece as satire and it does indeed show a woeful disregard on my part for just what a bumbling knucklehead we have as our current president. The very fact that people would read something so obviously over the top and think our president is actually that intellectually vacant speaks volumes about the man you conservatives worship.

Say what you want about Bill Clinton -- and we all know you never even let the truth stop you from saying things about him -- but there's nobody in the world who would ever believe President Clinton could be that stupid. It is profoundly sad that it sounds so real when presumed to have come from your president.

Thanks for reading!


The Yellow Dog