Monday, March 28, 2005

Justice DeLayed....

You know, I'm a lucky guy.

I have a great wife and a wonderful little boy. I live in a nice town and have great family and friends. I'm still here despite a bullet wound while in the military and brain surgery in November for a subdural hematoma.

But as I pored over the news this weekend, I thought no Democratic writer seeking to spotlight Republican hypocrisy could possibly be this lucky.

As I viewed the latest news in the Republican/Religious Right exploitation of the Terri Schiavo case I found something that was just astounding to me: Tom DeLay, that protector of life at any cost, pulled the plug on his own Daddy

It is indeed true.

In 1988, DeLay's family entered the same uncharted territory traveled by many families and had to consider whether to use extraordinary medical means to prolong the life of his father, Charles DeLay, who had been badly injured in an accident at home.

Charles DeLay, 65, was severely brain damaged with medical consensus that he had no hope for recovery – a case remarkably similar to that of Ms. Schiavo.
Yet DeLay and his family made the painful decision to not use dialysis when his father's kidneys failed and to discontinue use of a ventilator to keep the man alive.

A very sad situation and certainly nothing for we Democrats to celebrate.

However, what I do appreciate discovering is that we've uncovered one of the biggest examples of typical, conservative hypocrisy that I have ever seen.

This is the same Tom DeLay whose fiery religious rhetoric called Michael Schiavo's attempts to make the same difficult choice "an act of barbarism." This is the same guy who has quite literally made a federal case of a sad situation, where the grieving family should have been allowed the same privacy and respect afforded the DeLays.

Absolutely, utterly amazing.

This is no surprise to Democrats. We know Republicans like DeLay to be liars, crooks and hypocrites. Just how bad does this have to get before the other 50 percent of the country stops watching Fox News and starts paying attention?