Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Local: Republican Flood to Appeal Malloy's Victory

In a move that surprises nobody on the Democratic side, Republican Dennis Flood has decided to appeal a court ruling last week that gave the Irvington, NY mayoral election to Erin Malloy by one vote.

News reports say that Flood's appeal will focus on alleged "irregularities" in the voting procedure that are serious enough to warrant a new election.

The only irregularity that has occurred is that a strong Democrat had the temerity to take on –and beat – a Mayor who had become accustomed to running unopposed. Oddly enough, it is the Mayor's own administration that he is accusing of these voting problems as they would have happened on his watch.

I also think he's probably susceptible to some Republican indignation given that conservatives brought in their biggest election lawyer from Albany to fight Malloy and I'm sure, like most Republicans, he has gotten used to disenfranchising enough people to win close elections.

Not this time.

I'm so tired of this that, in some ways, I hope we do have another election in Irvington. If another election happens, there are a lot of local Democrats committed to seeing that Malloy wins by much more than one vote.