Tuesday, March 08, 2005

NY State: Nick Spano, Your Time is Almost Up

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Stewart-Cousins at a post-campaign party last Wednesday and, though our talk was very brief, I walked away very impressed with her knowledge, commitment and personal warmth. While the Nick Spano camp rejoiced recently after prevailing by a scant 18 votes following a three-month recount for the contested state Senate seat, they must go to bed at night knowing that the Republican has just been handed his political two-minute warning.

Spano has long held the 35th district state Senate seat in a largely Democratic area based primarily on name recognition and his moderate stance on women's choice. As Democrats get to know Andrea Stewart-Cousins better and as they begin to understand the very short degree of separation from Spano to George Pataki to the policies of the Bush administration, the choice in 2006 will be obvious.

In addition, those of us who were so busy securing New York for the Kerry-Edwards ticket in 2004 will be enthusiastically available to put Stewart-Cousins easily over the top in the 35th district and to help Eliot Spitzer displace Bush's boy Pataki.

You've had your time, Nick. It will soon be time for a Democrat to represent Democrats in Albany.