Saturday, April 02, 2005

Where I Stand: Abortion & Choice

Until I get a uterus, it's none of my business. Having an abortion is an enormously difficult decision best left to the person whose body is actually involved. In other words, I'm strongly pro-choice.

That said, it's important that we quit letting the religious right control the discussion as they make a pro-choice stance synonymous with being pro-abortion.
Not true. We need to spend far more money on sex education and planned parenthood and stop with the sermonizing. I didn't listen to strident talk of abstinence when I was younger, kids don't today and they won't as my little boy reaches physical maturity.

More than anything, Democrats need to control the debate and not let the discussions be lead by people who claim to worship life but typically do not support
feeding, clothing or educating the child once he or she is born. Finally, Democrats from the Senate through everyday citizens need to fight any Bush Supreme Court nominees tooth and nail to ensure that the pro-choice society we have become accustomed to does not disappear.